Learn the lessons that you have come to understand by realitylove

Let go of all restrictions
all limitations
all conditioned thinking that would suppose you are anything less than one with all
let go of all that separates you
realize that you are one with all that is
you are one with all humanity
with all sentient beings
whether seen in physical form or not
you are one with all creation whether visible or not
realize that you are empowered to manifest a life of your own choosing to learn the lessons that you have come to understand
in other words
there is a reason behind your physical incarnation and a reason  you are conscious of what happens to you
there is a reason because you are here to learn from experiences
learn how to live a life of limitless love
it is why humanity exists
so that source can experience through human incarnation
you are sons and daughters if you will of god
you are gods
you are Christs yes
indeed you are
all you need do is take hold of this birthright
through conscious choice
through decision
through practice
through intention through your own inner commitment to yourself realization
or development if you will
there are so many ways this can be described
but simply know that you exist for a purpose
and that purpose is the good  the best and highest
the elimination of false conditioned thinking in your life
and the fulfillment of love in your being
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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