Take account of them if you will by realitylove

where are your thoughts leading you
take account of them if you will
notice that there are so many in this moment going through your mind
so much happening at one time
try for this moment to still them and you will notice in any given moment if you are not consciously controlling what you choose to think then you are allowing the patterns the conditioned thinking to persist and create the same results you have been achieving in the past yes
if you desire different results then you must focus on the thinking and change the conscious patterns yes
change those thoughts that are going through your mind
this is the definition of changing the mind
changing the cause
and thus creating new effects new conditions
this is the solution to transformation
and it is the way to alignment
renewing your mind so that your thoughts are those of principles aligning with your true nature aligning with love joy who you really are
not the conditioned beliefs you have come to accept from society, culture, reasoning, etc. as you would say
it is a simple matter of decision
do you choose to take control of your conscious mind and practice thoughts that are empowering that are in alignment with who you really are as an extension of source
or do you choose to allow the same conditioned madness to continue that has you thinking of limitations and lack
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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