Righteousness is an illusion by realitylove

Righteousness defined in the mind of humanity
is fiction
for righteousness is a construct of immense affect
that has confused many into thinking they must do something to obtain it
this is simply an illusion
for it does not exist
perhaps it was intended to explain something that is real
but it is best to put it out of your mind all together
and accept the suggestion that it does not exist at all on any plane
realize that the only truth in existence is your beingness
your alignment with source is the closest thing to a righteous state you will ever know
this is obtainable
real and non-illusory
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Wow! I needed to read this today. Thank you!

Comment by SoJo

You are welcome. It was timely for me as well!

Comment by johnhstringer

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