Let Your Alignment Flow Freely by realitylove

Watch vigilantly for the emotions that trigger discord, that feel heavy, that tell you there is resistance present
these contract you and you feel the tension
these thoughts these feelings are what you must let go of, you must eradicate
in order to let your alignment flow freely
let source speak act and be through you freely
this is an important part of the process
and you will have interesting manifestations when you allow source to be you as you in this manner
let go of all constricting thoughts
those of resistance and disharmony
and instead embrace love
embrace harmony peace courage
passion yes
embrace them and allow the source energy to flow and amplify through you
embrace forgiveness of self and all others
embrace the knowledge that the only true perception is that of source
and in order to see it clearly
to see with the eyes of source
you must embrace love in all of its forms
you must be moved and you must feel expansion
you must feel your soul being moved by these frequencies
by these vibrations
that is when you know
that his how you know
that is the time you are aligned with the most high
and the more you practice from moment to moment
the more you expand
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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