The instrument of your real nature by realitylove

how beautiful how peaceful
how joyous how moving
is the communion you are able to experience when aligning with your true nature
when aligning with love
when aligning with the source of all that is
yes this is indeed who you really are and all the patterns, all the blocks
all the limitations all the worries an concerns
you have allowed your self to be entangled by can be let go
it is up to you to choose so
it is up to  you to persevere in learning how to let go of these blocks, this resistance and skewed thoughts yes
these feelings that counter who you really are and sell you on the illusion that you are limited
you are here to be the very instrument of your truest best and highest self
the instrument of your real nature
for what you see as you is often an illusion
you view your body or mind or your ego as you
all of which are not truly who you are
your identification with this illusion is not what was intended for these instruments
they are indeed instruments to be used for the true self
the highest and best self
that which is an extension of and one with the source of all that is
this is how you use what you call the ego
this is how you use what you cal your body and your mind
seek the best and highest way to do so through asking receiving and acting upon guidance
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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