You must not allow it by realitylove

never let the emotion of the moment take you in directions contrary to that which is love peace trust understanding
when you find fears doubts and frustration
when you find the sense of overwhelm is present
you must detach and immediately take action
you must not allow it to reside in your vibrational field for any reason
do not look at it as just something that happens and you can do nothing about
you can master this domain
the emotion the thoughts and feelings
you can do something about it
you must choose to do something about it
and remind yourself of this power
it is your right indeed to feel good to feel as you choose
you have only allowed yourself to automatically choose conditioned reactions and feelings, thoughts that do not serve your best and highest interest or that of any other
therefore it is up to you to choose to change this
and you can
but it is an endeavor that takes discipline
it takes serious commitment
all of your mind heart body
everything engaged and present to disengage from these former patterns
and form new ones that uphold your alignment
uphold your true nature
and empower you to do what you are here for
to live an abundant life
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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That is a goal I am determined to have. Not let my emotions take me a direction that is not loving.

Comment by Kathy Stringer

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