Not the reality based on your misperception by realitylove

that  you are a creation and creator
that you are the very essence of what you call god
that you are the very power you beseech
that you are the very presence and wisdom you call upon
that you are this very thing indeed
and at the same time you are an individual created by this very source
how profound it is when you try to understand logically
but realize the truth is what it is regardless of your willing conscious recognition or not
you simply give away your power when you resist or choose to believe otherwise
know that all you need do is ask for the best and highest to be clear to you
and it will be
you must simply choose to let go of illusions and accept that which is reality
not the reality based on your misperception
but the reality based on the mind of source
the all-knowing, all-powerful all present
you, source, god
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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