Listen intently to that voice within by realitylove

Listen intently to that voice within you that can lead you to the best and highest
for not only your life but all concerned
indeed it is there ever-present all-powerful and all-knowing
willing to give you the secrets the answers the solutions you need
to bring about that which your soul truly desires
that which source has created your life for
Do not create separation where there is non however
just because you are created does not mean you are not the creator
realize that the creator has created you as an extension of the creator to experience exactly what your soul desires
this is key for you to understand
listening to what the inner voice says is how you determine what the soul desires
the  soul’s desires are the map to fulfillment
thus, it would behoove  you to take the time and get clear on what those desires are
it would do you well to ask seek and knock
if you desire to live the fullest life possible
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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