Examine what you are creating by realitylove

And so it begins
this story this unfolding
this life you are creating
each day you arise
each moment you become conscious and aware upon awaking
you create the life
you create the story yes
it is your power
you are indeed using to create the circumstances to create the conditions of your life
and if you are not happy
then of course
you should examine what you are creating
for the thoughts you think each day each moment add to your experience
and like thoughts like conditions like experiences form your reality
if you desire a different reality
then change your thinking
you have the power to do so and it is not only within your ability
it is your birthright
focus on that which is in line with your true nature
you true essence
with who you really are
what you are really
and you will create fulfillment
of course, it is important to know who and what  you really are
and we have given this to you in many ways
you are source, an extension of the same power, the same mind the same energy
the same consciousness that has created all that is
that is in all that is
as all that is
you are that
that is the who and what yes
for your essence is the same as the essence of all and your reason for living is to experience the all through your unique existence
for you came into existence in this manner to be the continued expansion of experience and enjoyment source desires
the growth of life yes
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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