The illusions the limitations and lack by realitylove

surrender unto that which is deep within
waiting to come through
waiting to unfold
through your surrender
through your affirmative acceptance of who you really are
yes that is how you take the power
step into the opportunity
and be who you are to be
you must replace the false thinking
the illusions the limitations and lack
with truth
you must reprogram your thinking to embrace that which is real
that which is unseen that which is all-powerful and all-knowing
all-present and in you as you through you around you and the sum total of all that is
limitless love
this is truth
this is what you can replace the limitation the lack the loss
the false thinking and illusion with
and know that everything is her for your benefit
know that all circumstances come to bring you a lesson a gift toward your growth
let no opportunity to grow elude
learn to enjoy the process through shifting your perspective to that of love
that of trust that of faith
shifting your perspective to believing and eventually knowing through practice
yes and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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