Embody your true magnificence by realitylove

now listen to this and know that your intention to grow
your intention to live to flower
to unfold
to be that which you are here to truly be
is the intent of the divine presence within you
the intention of the whole for you
and all things are put into motion to allow this unfoldment perfectly
you are exactly where you need be in this moment to continue perfect unfoldment
let go of the doubts
fears anxieties
through practice
it takes actual effort to let go of old habits
you must reclaim your power of choice
your power of thought
your power to let go
and refocus your mind on allowing source to be as you in you
verses the conditioned thinking and the idea the habits and patterns you have formed
of your self
this illusion, this false identity must be released
in order to truly embody your true magnificence
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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