Notice the feelings and thoughts of judgment by realitylove

oh what a joy to be free enough to act without judgment
to see without judgment
to give without judgment
oh what a blessing it is to receive without judgment
to breath without judgment
to live without judgment
for we only judge that which we perceive in ourselves
indeed the condemnation is always from a place of guilt for whatever is within, in some capacity
notice the feelings and thoughts of judgment
as warning signs that there is something inside of you
that needs addressing
let your anger alert you to the need to heal within
not to slash out at your external
for you are only bothered by your reflection
you are only responding negatively to that which is already within
in some way or another
not necessarily the exact same thing as in guilty of
but perhaps the polar opposite or resistance to
any of these can cause judgment
and this is what needs to be addressed within
let go of the resistance to what is and understand your healing is far more important than changing the external, than even changing the perception
perhaps the perception simply needs to be let go rather than changed
perhaps you simply need to feel into what is in order to heal and shift
whatever the case focus on being through the judgment and allow yourself to come out of the conditioning
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Wow ! Thanks John for channelling this…the message seemed to be totally speaking to me. Did you read my mind and channel the answer ? 🙂

Thanks so much for sharing your Light RL,
Love always,
Anita M

Comment by Anita M

Glad to participate in the experience!

Comment by johnhstringer

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