This ever-expanding co-creation of experience by realitylove

now whatever  you focus upon
know that the essence the truth behind anything you think
is love
is good
is mind
is the vital life force
the essence of all existence
all else is perception appearance form
and so on
you are here to participate in this ever-expanding co-creation of experience
and to enjoy it thoroughly
so do not be swayed by the machinations
the methods and motives of society with its limits and fears
separate  your self by allowing your mind to capture inspiration
limitless thoughts
feelings of love
allow yourself to be the channel of the infinite
let go of the entanglements of loss, lack and limitation
and embrace the good, the limitless, the love the light that is already present
for you are this light this love this limitless power
you are
after stripping away all that is finite
you are the infinite
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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