Frees you from the deception of appearances by realitylove

what is it you seek
relief absolution
what is it you truly seek
you want all to be well and fine
you want to feel peace
and you want to feel love
you want to feel good
this is at the heart of your concern
but realize that seeking to feel good through the methods you are manipulating the external situation
is a never-ending and volatile journey
it is not possible to feel good consistently in this manner
for the good feelings are fleeting that are obtained through manipulating the external
transformation is however possible through changing the internal
this is the path to permanent good feelings
so focus your energies there and you will obtain what you seek
transforming the internal so that you feel the goodness that is already here
so you feel it in a way that frees you from the enslavement of the senses
frees you from the deception of appearances
and allows you to know all is well through experience
not belief
not affirmation
but experience
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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