Awaken to your true essence by realitylove

the light within you and around you is that which sustains all life
in fact
you are the source
you are the creator in individualized form
you can awaken to your true essence any time you decide by letting go of that which separates you from your divine power
it is the false beliefs, illusions and conditioned thinking that keep you from enjoying your full power
yes understand that letting go is as simple as deciding to awaken from  your dream
and allowing the false thinking to dissipate
it requires detaching from the drama and allowing it to dissipate naturally
vs giving it charge through entanglement yes
remember that all is well and always is regardless of appearances
practice feelings and thoughts of love
to acquaint yourself with your true state
this is the process of alignment
alignment with source
with who you really are
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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it made me tingle

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