All is possible by realitylove

now whatever you think is impossible
know that only your understanding
your perspective
your view and interpretation are incomplete
for all is possible and all is
all is possible
and all is
surrender your conscious mind
to receiving truth
let go of beliefs if they do not serve to set you free
if they do not lead to liberation
to freedom
to peace
to love to surrender
to bliss to joy
let go of anything that leads you to misery
and instead
ask for truth
for beliefs only yield so much but have limits
truth however does not
thus belief in truth will yield great returns
but knowing truth is going beyond belief
knowing truth is the experience that sheds belief yes
it transcends belief
and that is what you seek
“seek to know thyself”
is seeking to know source
seeking to know truth
seeking to KNOW the divine that you are
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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