Follow that which will result in true fulfillment by realitylove
yes we are indeed one
and there is no need to doubt your power
no need to fear your destiny
for you determine through your own choice what you shall do
with this power
whether to use it for the best and highest of all concerned
and to follow that which will result in true fulfillment
and a life of liberation
or to invest your efforts into that which is meaningless and destructive to your self
this is the question you answer moment to moment
and this is the lesson of the day
realize that your surrender ensures fulfillment
this is law
this is understood by anyone who has ever called
out to the highest power for assistance and received an answer
this is evident in your own life as well
realize that this result can be immediate and consistent
when you surrender
when you align with your true essence
when you allow your heart to open
and thoughts and feelings of love to flow throughout your being
then, you will know your true essence
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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