Let go of the old ideas of what it means to be human by realitylove

know now that you are already complete
whole and have all necessary to fulfill that which you have come in this form for
being , fulfillment, alignment, enjoyment
loving limitlessly, all of this is your birthright
and only you can allow it to unfold fully
in this same way you can give away your power and allow it to sit unused
you must recognize your true essence and shed the beliefs that limit who you are
you must let go of the old ideas of what it means to be human
those you have received from others
and you must explore for yourself what it means to be
what you are
what source desires to be as you through you in you
for this is the same as what your soul desires
there is no difference
your soul is the individualization of source as source yes
do not fear any thing, idea or concept
but know that truth is everlasting
cannot be threatened
and can be experienced now
all you need do is let go
let go of the suffering
let go of the fear
let go of the conditioned thinking that has led you to confusion
and open up to that power within you now that posses all knowledge
all power
all wisdom
all love and is all-present
allow now
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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