This is the reason we give life breath and every good thing to you by realitylove

for over many lifetimes you have come to learn the lessons of love
limitless love indeed
and you are now applying this lessons moment to moment
living in the expansion of life to feel be and do that which your soul desires that which source has created your unique consciousness to experience
this is why you live
this is the purpose of your existence
no matter how you choose to show up
and this is the reason we give life breath and every good thing to you
you are here to experience the joy of living
the joy of being
the joys of choice
and you experience everything for the greatest good
for the expansion of all that is
in harmony with itself
realize your best effort is given to alignment with all that is
through focus on love focus on the highest and best vibrations and passions
yes this will enable you and ensure
you are always moving moment to moment to greater good
always acting in the best and highest interest of all concerned
and always attracting to you more of the same
allow your thoughts to rest on the greater ideals of who you are and you will begin to manifest more of this truth in your perception yes
your eyes will open and see all the beauty that is here for you
ever-expanding goodness indeed
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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