All is perfect at all times by realitylove

and confess nothing
but that which you can receive from the source of life
from inspiration from the highest and best vibrations
let your soul guide you to this
through the feelings of love, bliss, relief and peace
of joy, enthusiasm and serenity
this is the path to understanding
know that truth brings freedom
high vibrations always clear the illusions and transform low vibrations
keep your attention on allowing the best and highest thoughts, feelings, vibrations
to flow in your mind, in your body, from your heart
do not be discouraged when you find yourself focused on the appearances around you
that resonate lack, loss, dissolution
instead, recognize you need only acknowledge the truth
that all is perfect and you have only been seeing appearances, illusions
all is perfect at all times
all is well at all times
and spirit cannot be anything but perfect
this is truth
this is the highest vibrations
this is who you are
and all spirit is source
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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john, if I were to think and speak this way I would be crucified. i understand that we create our own world. i can’t put anything out without it being sliced into pieces. me complaining, yeah…i’m going through a program of study that will hopefully help me through this. thanks

Comment by Teresa Baker

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