The inner truth, the real the spiritual by realitylove

there is no higher thought than that of truth
no higher vibration than that of love
no greater power than that of source
and you are this power
you are this thought
you are this love
yes you are an extension of the only real power there is
that of truth
that of love
that of source
and as such
you only need recognize the truth of who you are to activate this power
in a conscious manner
to bring about all desires of your heart
and let go of the limitations and lack thinking that has kept you entangled in illusions
understand that as you let go of resistance as you let go of fear
and doubts
as you surrender to truth in the face of appearances
knowing that all is well and that only the spirit is real
and this spirit is always perfect always whole always full
you can access the higher vibrations and manifest conditions that correlate to the inner truth, the real the spiritual
allow now
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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