At all times there is balance perfection and harmony available in abundance by realitylove

and your focus
your concentration is as important as your breathing
because as you focus as you concentrate
you focus energy on creating
as you allow the energy to flow through you toward your intentions
you bring about manifestations that match the intentions
the vibrations
this is the practice that we call you toward
that we lead you to
this is the practice that source has become you to experience
manifesting in form as an individualized extension
this is part of the bliss
one and the same as that which you feel in the highest states
creation is an act of love
it is all part of the same expansion
the same experience
it is all one with that which you are yes
know that all is well and all you need do is focus on higher vibrations
focus on seeing the world as perfect
feeling perfection
for that is the spiritual that is the truth
that which comes to mind and tells you otherwise
is the illusion
that is what separates you from reality
not something real
in the sense of everlasting and absolute
but something temporal and illusory is all that separates
you from yourself
let it go by recognizing  you are so much more
that life is so much more
that love is all around at all times and abundant
never are you without the power to tap into bliss
at all times there is balance perfection and harmony available in abundance
it is simply a matter of you letting go of all that says otherwise
what else is there for you to get
only temporal manifestations of the real
and that is fine
but do not give up your power for happiness fulfillment and bliss now
for the sake of manifesting something in the material
this is backward thinking
this is the powerless
illusory logic so many have fallen prey to
by giving into this illusion and forever chasing a lie
for ever chasing an empty feeling
know that only spirit can fulfill
only spirit can truly give lasting peace and joy
chase not after the material to quench the spiritual desire
instead find the spiritual inner state that quenches the desire
and allow the material to be birthed from that
that will bring everlasting joy peace and fulfillment no matter the circumstance
no matter the state of the material
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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thanks Man for the reminder…let me meditate and come from that which is real

Comment by Jacques

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