The vibrations of passion, love by realitylove

now you are wondering when your good will come
when that which you desire
that which you have asked for in the external will appear
do you not see that you already have your good
and that only the spiritual is real
therefore you already have the power to create that which you desire
at any time
for your true desire is not the external manifestation you have assigned your power to
your true soul’s desire is the thrill of life
the vibrations of passion love
these are the things you seek
and you think these external desires will somehow bring about that which your soul seeks
you already have the power to bring it about now
through concentration
through visualization
through imagination
through your own internal resources
you have the power now to create the world you desire
the external does not matter
it will bend to whatever you create internally
so you have the choice at all times to create the world you want internally and you will already have what you desire
keep this in mind
at all times
realize the external is an illusion
the meaning you ascribe to it is all projection
the internal is the real
the spiritual
and you have the creative power to design it as you like
let go of the illusions
do what is necessary to allow the truth to replace all illusion in your life
if you seek true fulfillment
otherwise know that the cycle of disappointment and temporary joy
that never quenches the soul’s desires will be all you receive in this form
you decide
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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