Focusing on generating these internal states by realitylove

go into that place that feels best and highest
put real focus on generating internal feelings that move you that are real that are in the mind
and that create a real effect within you body within your being
practicing this moment to moment will not fail to yield results
know that all you need do is make yourself available to the best  and highest feeling thoughts
the best and highest feelings
by focusing on generating these internal states
with whatever will work for you
it takes practice simply because you have learned to disregard your natural emotions
to disregard the signals you receive moment to moment
and you have misinterpreted what your senses tell you
of course
there are many reasons
but know freedom comes through allowing
through surrender to the real the spiritual
not the appearances of things
allow now
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Hi John, perfect timing! I love the way your emails are coming in as well, looks great.

I am so appreciative of your emails everyday and in fact look forward to them. You are so generous with your gift,


Comment by Dawn

Glad to hear…. and thank you for your generous appreciation and comments, Dawn!

Comment by johnhstringer

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