You will always reach your best and highest good by realitylove

and hear the sounds of truth
the vibrations of eternity
infinite love and gratitude
all that is within and all that is real
a foundation of truth cannot be destroyed and will always stand
forever within your soul
know that you are eternal with no end and no beginning
for you are an extension of source
know that the temporal circumstances you choose to perceive
are only temporary by nature
and not only will they pass but your perception of them will first pass along with the thoughts that caused them
you will always reach your best and highest good
it is only a matter of choice as to when
in this form or after
this is the case and there is no lack of perfection in its design
accept that you are already perfect accept that you are already fully good
accept that all is good around you
and know that you are participating in expanding that good
co-creating with the source of all that is
in its various forms of extension
for you are here to be fulfilled moment to moment
and that power is yours and yours alone
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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