Connecting with your true essence by realitylove

through the years you have spent your life chasing freedom
spent your life chasing happiness
and yet you send yourself through suffering at every turn
thanks to  your skewed perception of life
this is the cause of your suffering
a very skewed perception of life
for so many reasons
toxic in fact
and all you need do is surrender and recognize that there is a better way within you
there is a more powerful
presence that you are
and you do not have to give in to the endless mind-chatter
telling you this or that
confusing you more and more
and sending you down the wrong direction wrong path at every turn
know this is not in your best interest indeed
you are here to be free
to enjoy
and how you do so is through connecting with your true essence
infinite divine limitless love
this is who and what you are
and all you need do is let go of the conditioned thinking that plagues you
and embrace the truth
embrace the voice within
allow it to guide and lead
do not stress
do not make problems out of hearing this voice
or problems out of letting go of the mind-chatter
know that recognition is essential
as is distance from the behavior you no longer wish to engage
see the mind-chatter as what it is
nothing to fret about
or send resistance toward
only detach from it and know that it is not you
tell yourself this if you must
but do not make it another point of resistance or charged energy
for this will only exacerbate the issue
surrender instead to the fact that all is well and always is
you are simply distancing yourself from the conditioned thinking that has kept you believing otherwise
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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