This is the purpose of all life by realitylove

never has there been a time where you could simply think something into existence
and there it is
this is the time where you can manifest so quickly
manifest whatever it is you desire in the internal
and see the external quickly shape itself around this ideal, this truth
know that all thoughts corresponding to love
all thoughts corresponding to passion to high vibrations of gratitude and joy
all these thoughts create harmony with in the universe
and bring you corresponding circumstances and events
though temporal
they amplify the real, the internal that you have allowed to unfold
know that this work is the most important work you could ever do
aligning with source, with love with the best and highest thoughts and feelings of the universe
is what you are here to do
this is your purpose
this is the purpose of all life
and your participation in the divine plan for all life will bring about the highest fulfillment
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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