You only need let go of all that tells you otherwise by realitylove

allow this moment to be as it is
and align yourself with the energy of it
this moment is full of bliss
this moment is full of good beauty opportunity
peace love joy gratitude for existence itself
this moment is pregnant with the joy and opportunity you seek
the fulfillment all that you would have to be free from any form of suffering
any form of lack
any form of limitation
this moment is already what you want it to be
you only need let go of all that tells you otherwise
the conditioned thinking that leads you to believe
you are somehow separate from your good
create in this moment the awareness of your full connection with all your good
and know that nothing can ever separate you
your illusions only serve to deceive you
and disconnect you from awareness
but your good is still there even in that moment of delusion
as you increase your frequency as  you let go of the reins
and allow source to guide and lead
as you surrender to this moment and all that good within
you will see the miracles unfold
you we see the effortless bliss and magic
manifest on every level of your being
your vision will open up to truly see what is
and you will be caught up in the bliss the rapture the limitless divine infinite love
and gratitude that so richly colors your life
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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