Any thought that characterizes your existence as in need of something is a thought of victimization by johnhstringer
October 19, 2010, 3:48 pm
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yes victimization
it is such a clever egoic trick
it is something so subtle and so ingrained in the thinking of some
that it must be rooted out with extreme prejudice
it takes practice and it takes patience
it takes love and compassion
it takes realizing that you are indeed not a victim
and that this world is designed for your good in every way
no matter what your mind encounters
recognize that any thought posing a threat
or any thought recognizing a threat to you
is a thought of victimization
any thought recognizing lack or limitation is a thought of victimization
any thought that characterizes your existence as in need of something is a thought of victimization
realize that you are exactly where you need be and these thoughts and feelings and yearnings and longings
and desires yes
even desires
fueled by the lack of something
are simply thoughts of victimization
if you surrender to this realization you will begin to recognize this conditioned pattern within you
it is victimization because it denies the truth of your nature
the true power that you have already
it denies who you really are
a perfect whole spirit in this human form
any condition
even the external where you recognize need from a place of lack is victimization
take for example needing food
you may feel hunger and you  may go to find food and nothing is there
if you feel a sense of urgency
fear, resistance or frustration and panic
then this is victimization in every way
however, should you choose to simply ask for guidance on what to do about food and put your trust in source to provide
you let go of victimization and enter submission to the will of source
to your soul’s desire
this is how to escape the attack thoughts
the patterns of the ego that keep you in bondage
you then come from a place of surrender
not of victimization
there is a beautiful difference
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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