To see beyond the appearances of these things by realitylove

listen you are ready to hear this
stop the incessant groveling
trying and struggling
to change
allow change to flow from the perfection you are
even you attempts to grow come from a place of lack
until you find your wholeness and recognize the strength the power the magnificence within you
you will only attract more struggle more resistance more circumstances to see flaws
there is a time for all things
and now is the time for you to elevate your consciousness
to see beyond the appearances of these things
and know the truth
see the higher level of existence and know that you are an extension of divine love
infinitely perfect in every way
do not hold on to the old teachings you’ve received of a flawed sinful nature
this is betrayal of your birthright and has left many in lack and limitation
has left many denying the spirit of God within all things
do not give ear to this distortion of reality
know that the truth is you are divine in every way and until you recognize this fact
until you give your mind your consciousness
over to surrendering to this truth
you will forever limit your growth and attract more of the same suffering
same hell that leads you to believe in a sinful nature
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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