You will not achieve it until you are by realitylove

nor the find when you let go of the foolishness
will it ever forsake you
permanent change comes with letting go of illusion and encountering the truth of who you are
this knowledge is transformational this knowledge
will leave you different
and you can never escape that because once your consciousness has tasted of the truth it is forever altered in this form yes
so know that all you need do is let go of the anticipating
let go of the wanting and longing
yearning and groveling
let go of all such nonsense
and know that you can simply ask and receive
“enlightenment” is something ambiguous
but most are seeking freedom from illusion
and that can be had by asking and receiving
that can be had now
are  you willing and ready to go through what the cost is
are you willing
if not
you will not achieve it until you are
it takes getting acquainted with suffering and its pointlessness
to bring you to the point of readiness
if you have not gone through enough pointlessness
then you will not be ready
this is not to say that suffering or pointlessness are required to become “enlightened”
or to rid oneself of illusion
this is simply to say that awareness of the illusions brings about the desire for truth
and once you have endured enough of these illusions
once you have become aware enough of the suffering caused by illusion
you will be ready to let go and enter the truth
enter the world of reality
unaffected by the suffering the illusion the Maya
you will be ready to enter the transcendent peace of your true nature
the love that is limitless unbounded
forever expanding and who you really are
yes and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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