The divine that you are by realitylove

and you continue in this moment
this crystallized instance of being yes this second
you realize that you are here for the divine purpose of shining a light
that light within
that light that you are an extension of
never separated from the divine goodness and flow
universal in every way
the good of creation
the life force that animates all living and all being
this is your nature who you are and what you have come to be
and through your surrender through your yielding to and seeking out the direction of spirit
through that process in whatever form it takes for you
whatever form that works
this is why you are here to bring enjoyment and expansion to source and to know consciously that this is what is happening in every moment
you are awakening and experiencing the divine purpose
the divine life
the divine will
the divine that you are
you are learning of yourself now
and this will continue
as you apply what you learn
the lessons the love the light will expand
and you will reach the very purpose you have come for
be not dismayed by anything you come across
hold to the truth
that you are the divine
that you are fully holy in every way
and that you have the power to realize your true divinity by letting go of all to the contrary
realize it now
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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