Let go of these destructive thoughts by realitylove
October 27, 2010, 5:23 pm
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yes the will of source
is within you now
listen to
hear and you shall know
ask seek knock and you shall receive
the door will be opened and you shall have true revelation into what your purpose is
what your role is
what your path is yes
do not fear being mislead for truth will resonate stronger than anything else
and it will not fail to find you
whether you receive it or not
it will patiently follow you and strike when the time is right
all you need do is allow surrender and trust source trust the universe trust the way that life unfolds
trust the way that source has created all to work in perfect harmony and bring you what you need in any moment
trust that you have exactly what you need now in this moment
and do not give way to ideas that say differently
that tell you you are lacking in anything
for the reality is in order to truly grow and expand goodness
you must start from goodness
if you start from lack and limitation
you will expand lack and limitation
let go of these destructive thoughts
these limited paths a
and realize it is time to accept the truth of who you are
not a powerless
flawed being
that is the only the conditioned thinking the ego and the separate self that creates this illusion, which yes are indeed illusions themselves
but you are the incarnate divine extension of source
yes you are the beauty and miracle of consciousness in human form
you are the divine spirit individualized to express and enjoy to expand and explore
to experience and grow
from this place of wholeness and fulfillment will you find your  path
the truth is within you
do not be mislead afraid or fear what is not real
for only the truth can prevail
surrender and it shall emerge
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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