You are free to be that which is perfect by johnhstringer
November 26, 2010, 3:39 pm
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These words are from the inner being, the divine, not that separate perception of self. They will resonate with all who seek truth, with all who listen to the divine within themselves:

Know that in this moment
al is well all is right
all is perfect
there is no reason for uneasiness
no reason for fear tension
let go of these illusions
and surrender to love to peace
where there is grievance where there is fault where there is resentment
where there is guilt
where there is shame
there is separation from the truth
there is illusion
there is suffering there is no real peace
let go and know that these false illusions
can be readily given up
by simply forgiving
forgiving self forgiving others
any and all grievances
no matter how big or small
know that you simply release these illusions
by affirming your true nature
for you are the divine
you are love you are perfection and wholeness incarnate
and all you need do is let go of the entanglement in these
false illusions
let go of the sadness guilt and sorrow
the bitterness anger and harm
for you cannot be harmed in any way
and nothing anyone can ever do, including yourself
can change that
you are not this body which you fear losing
this is just the vessel with which you have been blessed to carry on this role in human form
you are much greater than just the body
yes thus your fears of death fears of bodily and physical harm
or so simplistic and foolish
were you able to see clearly who and what you really
are you would laugh at these carless illusions
harmful to your peace of mind and fulfilment
but nothing else
let them go and be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind
let them go and know that love peace bliss fulfilment joy gratitude and every good thing are your birthright indeed
know that you need not suffer
the choice is yours
forgive self and all others for any and all grievances however big or small in your perception
and be free
or continue to suffer separation from your true identity
your true divinity
your true essence as the extension image and nature of God love source
and so it is

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