Where love is, there is no imperfection by johnhstringer
March 1, 2011, 1:05 pm
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Hear now and understand the love
the divine light
the blessing that is
that you are
that all is
that life itself brings in this moment
rich indeed
abundant and lacking no good thing
see now that this is your understanding of now
this is your understanding moment to moment
let not any appearance, any circumstance any thing seen or unseen
allow you to think less of now
for all that is is perfect in every way
including you
all life is love
and indeed where love is
there is no imperfection
realize that you are indeed love
you are indeed perfect
as is all that is living
as is all that is real
anything you experience that is imperfect is an illusion
and is not real
is not true
for truth is perfect in every way
your perception is the only thing that brings imperfection into your mind
it is not real and not true
therefore you only bring imperfection into you awareness by choosing that which is not
by choosing to imagine what you perceive in a fictitious way
you have the power and the choice to let go of all illusion
and instead embrace and experience the truth now
see the world in its true sinless state
by deciding to let go of the concept of sin
see the world in its perfection by deciding to release the idea of the imperfect
and embrace the truth of what is now yes
and so it is
ashe ashe ashe

– From the divine within you, within me, within all life

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