On the Colorado Shooter by realitylove
July 31, 2012, 1:19 am
Filed under: Inner Being, Spirituality

So, I had some interesting feelings a few days ago that led me to ask “given the Colorado Shooter, what is source seeking to help me remember?”

Here’s part of what I received:

“…there is hope and light and love in this situation. it is that the deaths of those who have gone into a new form are truly better off than they were here, and it was time for them to make their transitions. it is only those who are left here that are suffering due to the attachment and fears of death. yes.  these things happen. it is a part of the cycle of life. destruction, war, violence. this scale has gone on for as long as life exits. it is in nature in the microcosm and macrocosm. this is how life transforms. do not fear death. do not feel sad for all those who have gone on. feel compassion for those who are still here and suffering due to attachment. but celebrate that life knows what “it” is doing allowing such a man to make decisions as he did. all is well and always is. trust life and know that the best and highest good is underway, even thought it would be easy to question this.. “

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