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“I will remind all that love is the only thing that fulfills.”  – Reality/Love

This iste originally began as a way to allow me to publish the answers received by my spirit guide in response to questions from readers, my wife and I.   It has since evolved into an archive of many of those questions and answers along with many daily messages.  The latest publications are from the Inner Being.  The difference between the Inner Being and Spirit Guides is that the inner being is your true, best and highest self – your direct essence that is the extension of source.  It is where all knowledge, wisdom and power reside as light and love, awaiting your conscious surrender to tap in and receive what you are here to receive.  A Spirit Guide, is a collective consciousness, assigned by source to guide you.

Messages from my spirit guide and from my inner being are identified as such.  Typically, I identify my spirit guide under the name it gave me – “Reality/Love,” or “RL” for short.


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Did you recieve my last email? ive got a evill DEMONIC energy locked
into my back, making me sick and ill ALL the time, how do I destroy this evil ? its been in my back for about 3 years. How do i stop banging into walls and actually dO something to change my life?

thank you


Comment by anthony

I wonder did you get my question? about getting past evil in back and locking into my karmic link? was assured by psychic ,Mannaz that everything would change now by the said Quinton church, but still just banging into empty walls.

thank you


Comment by anthony

Sorry, NOT understand awaiting moderation.



Comment by anthony

What do I need to work on now to further my journey of enlightenment

Comment by carol

your perspective

Comment by johnhstringer

What do I need to learn now to further my enlightenment

Comment by carol

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