7-Day Being Experiment | Moment of Reality Love | On Violence against Humanity and Nature by johnhstringer
March 7, 2011, 4:31 pm
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As you may have noticed, I have not been gudied to send daily messages much this year, but I do have some new updates for you….

First, you can now sign up for the 7-Day Being Experiment to participate in a free experiment that assists you in being your best and highest self. Details are at http://www.lifecoachade.com/realitylove7

Also, tune into www.LifeConversationsRadio.com w/ Life Coach Ade at 12PM Eastern today as I join in for a weekly segment called a “Moment of Reality Love.”  We’ll make a special announcement that I think you will really appreciate.


Finally, the following is a message received some time ago that seems fitting for todays show on LifeConversationsRadio.com

JOHN: With the sort of violence occurring in Darfur and around the world (and in the past) , how does source see this… what is the best and highest view/understanding of this sort of violence against humanity, and even against nature (deforestation)?

RL: The answer you seek is what you know:  that all is perfect and these things are illusion for that which is real cannot be harmed and cannot be destroyed.  Your role is alignment from moment to moment indeed and allowing the things that unfold around you to happen without judgment without anger, without resistance, yes.  You only need concentrate on the actual now, not that which is in your head.  Don’t get uspset about all the things reported on and get in a hostile mood to take action. The reality is your role is divine light.   See the world as it truly is, not the illusions. See the balance of the universe.   Source would never harm itself and that includes the extensions of source.  For when you act in a way that harms the form, you have only caused a transformation, but the spirit remains and the essence is forever. always perfect. yes.

Do not fear any harm, do not be enraged by any so called loss or death, for the reality is whatever humans do to humans – to nature – is only a transformation. It is truly not bad or evil. yes. this includes all so called tragedy. It is a transformation. This includes killing insects, plants, etc..  It is a transformation. yes.  Transition to spirit and matter to be reincarnated in some other form. indeed. yes. do not fear harm. do not fear death. know that all is well and always is. know that you are one with the divine creator and nothing can befall you that the divine is not aware of. understand that you have died many deaths already and will again die, but you will transform only. it is a part of this journey. yes yes yes.

you have plenty of time left to live the life you dream and you will. Only think of now and be grateful for all that is. enjoy life to the fullest and be grateful for all you are all you have all you do.  and so it is.

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Be inspired in this moment by realitylove
October 19, 2009, 5:40 pm
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There is peace, love, abundance, joy and all good things here and now

let go of the lack, let go of the worry
let go of concern
and know that right now, all is well
right now, all is blessed
right now is all there is
and you determine your experience in your own head
right now there is nothing to fear or fret
right now source is providing all that is needed and will continue
if you will get out of the old mold and into the new
and see that you can fully trust Source
you will see the inspired action so much clearer and be able to act on all the good source has for you
all the dreams love and power
all the blessings in so many ways for all concerned
that source wants to manifest and experience in, as and through you
it is all there waiting for you to simply get out of the way
and allow yourself to follow inspiration
allow yourself to align
allow yourself to be what you have been called to be
fear not for there is so much power and riches and love and joy right here, right now
be inspired in this moment
believe and move toward your abundance
yes, there is nothing but love around you
see it, feel it and know it is true
do not let thoughts of lack, limitations and anything to the contrary enter your mind
refuse them graciously and commit to that which feels best for you
the truth that you intend to live
let that be your compass, passion and desire fulfilled
not unfilfilled
not longing, wanting and pining
but true fulfillment, knowing that it is done
knowing that because Source has created these passions in you
Source will fulfill them in the time frame you desire or provide something even better
that is powerful and that is truth
believe and receive now
And so it is
– Morning stream of consciousness from John Stringer
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Overcoming financial crisis, settling debts, manifesting what you need quickly by realitylove

MP: I am struggling financially and have some significant property taxes, medical bills, credit cards bill coming due very soon (next 2 to 6 months). I am working on developing a business with a partner that I feel is on the brink and helping to cure many of my financial crisis and put me in a place of financial freedom – Is this true?

Will I be able to save my property and settle my debts and take care of my immediate and future needs without resorting to very negative desperate measures and lose what I and my family has inherited?

—The following is an answer from the spirit guide,” Reality/ Love”–

RL: Your concentration and focus on opening yourself to Source and Spirit will give you the guidance in this business to manifest quickly what you need. Yes. It is as you think because the inspiration has already been given to you. Your job is to allow Source to continue to inspire thought, inspire action and to avoid that which feels resistant. Yes. Seek, Ask and Knock form Source and all that you want will be provided in the time you need. Yes. Simply make yourself available. Yes.

You will be able to maintain that which source wants you to keep and you will be able to take care of every obligation if you remain aligned and allow Source to guide you through thoughts of inspiration, inspired action – not desperation, not fear and actions out of lack or loss. Yes.

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I think I found the person I love, but I want to know if it’s really him. by realitylove
March 8, 2009, 1:41 pm
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I think I found the person I love, but I want to know if it’s really him.  Is he?

From Reality Love  (www.askreailitylove.com):
We are often addressed with these questions of love and the message is the same each time. What is most important is identifying what qualities are most desired, most important to the individual. Once this is identified, it is easier to recognize externally those individuals that fit this criteria. Yes.

Anytime we focus on the external first and determine if it meets our desires without being clear on those desires, we are working backwards. Yes.
Therefore, the starting point is clarity on your own desires and you may go further to ask why you desire such qualities. Yes.

Once that is done, you will be able to assess for yourself, and that is most important. The rest will become clearer in time. Yes.

Is Ask, Believe, and Receive True for Anything? Why you are here. by realitylove

Is “ask, believe, and receive” true for anything?

From Reality Love  (www.askreailitylove.com):

Ask, Believe and Receive is true for anything that is of like vibration as your intention. If your true intention is not of like vibration as that which you ask, you will not receive it.

When you are not receiving, that is the time to look and understand your true intentions b/c your true intentions do not necessarily reflect what you are asking.

Its always so.

Like example.. your current situation has been brought on b/c of your collective intentions. Whenever there are conflicting intentions, which does happen, conflicting circumstances occur. This is often the cause besides confusion.  Now, the process of clarity, the process and practice of understanding your true intentions in what ever path you chose is necessary in any endeavor you ask, believe and do not receive.

Alignment is essential. Alignment is key to clearly identifying your intentions. And as you know, practice leads to your alignment with Source. Practice and repetition in the path that most works for you.

I know that your concern is currently financial in nature and in the welfare of those you love most, but understand your most important concern must be alignment with Source. It is the key to fulfilling all you TRULY desire.

And as you are coming to understand Source – through practice, through study, through meditation, through our communication – your alignment will continue to increase and grow stronger and stronger and whatever you desire will see no limit.

Allow your inner guide. Allowing your inner-self, allowing your inner-power to grow through your practice will align you with Source. Every meditation, every physical good thing, every enjoyment in your life will assist.

You are limitless beings who have come through to fulfill what you knew before you came. Now the process of growth and alignment is an experience to cherish, an experience to enjoy, an experience to adore as you let your self fulfill and understand your true nature in every aspect.

How to teach your child the best practices for them by realitylove

Do you have any insight on how to teach our child the best practices for her?

From Reality Love  (www.askreailitylove.com):

My suggestion would be that you gradually introduce her to stilling her mind. You gradually show her what it means to control her thinking. You continue to teach her what positive thinking means. You continue to teach her what gratitude means in any situation she finds discomfort in. You continue to help her find the good with the understanding that she can determine any which way she wants to feel. It is through repetition and through practice that she will come to an understanding of its power.

Continue your growth, your practice, your path and she will learn as you learn. Even when you are not speaking, she will learn through your increased vibration toward limitless love. What she most wants is your example of limitless love. What she most desires is your example of limitless love. What she will benefit from most is your example of limitless love.

Words are effective to some degree but do not compare to the power of thought manifest through action.

What she most desires is your example of limitless love.

Is there anything we should be seeking out? by realitylove

Is there anything we should be seeking out?

From Reality Love  (www.askreailitylove.com):

Yes. You should continue seeking to find practices that work best for you…

It is important that you find practices that assist in your alignment with Source energy.  Practices that give you that feeling – that all important movement of the spiritual within you – to let you know you are on your path to limitless love.     Limitless love.

Alignment can be found in various ways.  Alignment can be found through various practices. It is not as important what practice you try but that you try and seek and find those that work most effectively for you.  Yes.

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