The instrument of your real nature by realitylove

how beautiful how peaceful
how joyous how moving
is the communion you are able to experience when aligning with your true nature
when aligning with love
when aligning with the source of all that is
yes this is indeed who you really are and all the patterns, all the blocks
all the limitations all the worries an concerns
you have allowed your self to be entangled by can be let go
it is up to you to choose so
it is up to  you to persevere in learning how to let go of these blocks, this resistance and skewed thoughts yes
these feelings that counter who you really are and sell you on the illusion that you are limited
you are here to be the very instrument of your truest best and highest self
the instrument of your real nature
for what you see as you is often an illusion
you view your body or mind or your ego as you
all of which are not truly who you are
your identification with this illusion is not what was intended for these instruments
they are indeed instruments to be used for the true self
the highest and best self
that which is an extension of and one with the source of all that is
this is how you use what you call the ego
this is how you use what you cal your body and your mind
seek the best and highest way to do so through asking receiving and acting upon guidance
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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You are these things by realitylove
April 25, 2010, 11:31 pm
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It is not a mater of taste
it is not a matter of function
it is not a matter of love that helps you exist
it is divine grace in and of itself
it is that you are that connection
you are that consciousness
you are that awareness
you are that grace
you are that which gives life
you are that which gives reason
and motive
you are all that makes the world revolve makes the universe expand
realize that you are these things
and it is your right to enjoy the life for which you came to live
one of bliss one of love passion and pure enjoyment
once you learn to cast off the irrelevant trappings of the mind
the futile senseless pondering of the world
you will regain your full power and see the interesting magnificence of reality
the reality for which you are here to expand upon
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Allow Now by realitylove

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Allow now
this is how we tap into the oneness
this is how we tap into the truth of who and what we are
allow and let the vibration flow through you in you
as you
yes source is all around you through you
in you
and is willing to allow you to feel every good thing if you would but only allow it to be so
let go of the tensions the frustrations the blocks and obstacles by changing your focus yes
that is key
changing your focus specifically to vibrations of love
in whatever way moves you most
whatever thoughts and feelings you feel love the strongest
let them center around your heart and spread from there

this is important for your development and important for your overall growth
it is from the heart center that your connection begins
this is where you bring the source energy of love from best

focus on that
and allow your body to feel love starting from your heart center
the left side of the heart is where you want to allow the energy to begin and let it flow to your heart and expand to your heart center, the center of your chest, then expanding throughout your body yes
let it remove blocks, melt tension and restore the proper functioning of your body
the proper flow of source energy
allowing you to tap into that which is there for you
let it redirect your mind away from the limiting beliefs you have entertained and back to the true nature of your limitlessness
you are limitless love
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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The message of Love by realitylove

Now there are so many things we could say
but there is only one thing that is most important to relay today and that is
the message of Love

the continued focus on understanding and embodying love is your life’s true purpose
to understand love is to expand in love
to expand in love is to focus your mind and focus your being your presence on emanating love
that is the role of your awareness and presence
that is the role you can play to better serve all mankind all of creation
and that is the role source wants to experience through you
for you are that extension of source here for that very purpose
how you will fulfill that purpose varies form person to person
for the desires of your heart help you determine direction
your intentions are guided through your alignment with love
and that will ensure that all action you take is effective and brings about the best and highest for all
is it really that simple?
is it complicated or hard?
does it require discipline
it requires practice it requires you finding ways to tap into that love
tap into that vibrational state and bring out whatever source has for you
it requires making yourself available as frequently as you can to be in a state of receptivity to source’s guidance
source does speak through many channels
people guides spirits
so many things
source speaks through creation at various frequencies
and if you tune int to a frequency of love
if you raise your vibration to that frequency
you will know what source has for you in every moment
you will reap the Good and understand what is meant by abundant life
you will find the path to bliss
and you will know what light really is
your life is meant to be a guiding light to those in the dark
and as you continue to align with Source, it will be exactly that
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Is my brother my spirit guide? by realitylove
April 15, 2009, 9:31 pm
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Anonymous: I believe my older brother is my guide . But he took his life from over drugs . He really felt unloved . I hear things he once said to me . Like do a i say not as i do . Which i do not use street drugs at all . But i have great pain from joint pain . I smell coffee every time i believe he is around . Why does he leave me most times.  Is he a guide to more people then me ? When will they or he start channeling with me ? Sincerely asking.

RL: Your brother is not your guide. Your spirit guide is a collective conscience other than your brother. Yes.  However, your brother is around you and his energy has been in contact with you.  It is as you suspected in that way, but he is not your spirit guide.  Yes.

Your spirit guide has been with you for much longer than the time since your brother past. Yes.  If you would like to communicate with your brother, you may either use meditation and other practices that open your consciousness to allow this or you may seek a channel to contact him with. Yes.

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Spiritually guiding your child by johnhstringer
March 13, 2009, 3:48 pm
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Anonymous:  I had a question about {my child}. In reading Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, it seems like it is best for your children to let them create their own reality and I’m confused about how to do that.  With {my child}, if she wants to do something that maybe I don’t think is a good idea but its something that she really wants to do, I’m wondering if its best to just allow her to do things or when do I step in and say that’s not appropriate?

:  What you are experiencing is the very meaning of learning what it is to guide your daughter toward her own preference.  It is important to establish trust, establish support for her in this role.

Your role as a supporting guide is to give her the very things she desires within the frame of love.  So if there are situations where you see there are pitfalls, then it is your responsibility to help guide her beyond the pitfalls and help her see what it is to learn from her experiences.  Your role is not to dictate her choices but help her make the best choices in every situation.  It is not your responsibility to control her decisions.  It is not your responsibility to limit her unless there is harm or danger involved.  Your responsibility is to help guide her the best you can.  It is possible to do your best as you go, as you learn and as you experience your own path.  That is key.  THAT IS KEY.

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