This is true this is real by realitylove

there is no reason to ever doubt
that which you are
that which is sacred that which is an inseparable part of you
the power, the wisdom the presence
for what is within your body is only a small part of who you are
you are so much greater so much bigger
so much more than you have been lead to believe
know that truly you are an extension of source
you are able to do that which source does
in fact
this is true this is real
this is the power you have access to
acknowledgment and understanding of how to align with your power
is what you are learning what you are finding out
this will change the way you think
change the way you perceive
change the way you are
and change your surroundings
that which is aligns with that which is
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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