To wield thought for the good of all that is by realitylove

your affinity for drama
for pain
for suffering
is an addiction that can only be broken by seeing the true power
you posses by recognizing it
and knowing it through experience
the first step in transformation is always recognition
dissolving the illusion is as simple as bringing about the truth
where there is error, truth dispels
so, it is for you a matter of allowing
a matter of opening up and receiving truth
for it is already here and it is the only thing that is real
letting go of the illusions
the psycho-babble that occurs constantly
otherwise known as mind chatter
can be a simple task
yet practice is required to truly dissolve these ingrained patterns
this suffering
as you let go and begin to drop the appearances and experience the reality
you begin to understand what is truly meant by illusions
yes you begin to recognize the true essence of living
and you regain your full power
to create to manifest to enjoy
to wield thought for the good of all that is
for the best and highest purpose
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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