Righteousness is an illusion by realitylove

Righteousness defined in the mind of humanity
is fiction
for righteousness is a construct of immense affect
that has confused many into thinking they must do something to obtain it
this is simply an illusion
for it does not exist
perhaps it was intended to explain something that is real
but it is best to put it out of your mind all together
and accept the suggestion that it does not exist at all on any plane
realize that the only truth in existence is your beingness
your alignment with source is the closest thing to a righteous state you will ever know
this is obtainable
real and non-illusory
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Use the resistance you recognize as the signal by realitylove

What ever you think so far
whatever you choose to focus on in this moment
it is critical for you to recognize
the subtle feelings the movements
and the energy that is manifesting through your thinking
through your internal state
it is necessary for you to be aware in each moment
of what your thoughts what your focus is producing
if it is creating tension
then you know it is not in line with your soul’s true desire
it is not in line with the will of source
this is a great signal for you to go by
and allow your attention to seek that which relieves that which allows you
the freedom and the joy
that your soul would prefer

your heart is the best generator you have
of relief
of joy
of love
and if you would focus your attention on the heart by allowing the vibrations of that which your soul desires to come through
then you will manifest
the source energy that your soul truly desires
in every way
use the blocks
use the tension
use the resistance you recognize as the signal to pay attention to and interpret
use them to direct you in which way your mind your attention
and your heart should focus
know that as you generate the feelings that neutralize these blocks
these vibrations of resistance
you begin to heal yourself of all that stands in the way of source energy’s free flow
you begin to unfold more fully
by generating the frequencies your soul needs to heal
to unfold
to bring about in your very being
and you begin to exist in alignment with source
in alignment with the blueprint of your soul
in alignment with the best and highest of which you are
the blocks are not there by accident
they are there because you have accepted or absorbed something that will help you realize
help you recognize the truth
it is part of your journey your unfolding
and your growth
so do not be discouraged by the blocks
you become aware of
know that this progress is exactly what you need to enter into the kingdom fully
to expand unimpeded
and to flow with the power that you truly are
the source energy that you can radiate to transform and transmute
to raise the consciousness
the vibration of all around you
you are the light
the way the truth
go within and release the power
to heal your world
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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This Is The Ticket To Ultimate Bliss by realitylove

Know that you are here to enjoy
to give yourself completely to that which is yearning to emerge deep within you
that which is best and highest
that which is source
that which you have come to be do and have
yes it is all within you and you can allow it to unfold through love
through focus and alignment with source in each moment
this is the ticket to ultimate bliss
the ticket to all that your heart truly desires and all you need do is allow
truly that is what is required
the action comes through inspiration
the action comes through alignment
it becomes clear, exciting and liberating
effortless instead of taxing and confusing
desperate and conflicting
allow and let the action come from within
let the inspiration unfold and act upon that
let source guide your steps in each moment
this is possible and is simply a choice
it is simply a way of being
that you are more than capable of allowing
let not your heart be troubled with how and the details
simply focus your heart focus your mind
on allowing source to emerge
by getting yourself fin a vibration of love
by focusing on feelings and thoughts of love
by focusing on whatever moves your soul to the point of passion and relief
joy and gratitude
whatever can assist you in aligning with these frequencies is where you need to be to align with source
this is where you need be to receive the clear inspiration from source and to be guided in each moment toward what is best and highest for all concerned
let not you heart be troubled
by the complexities of understanding everything
sometimes it is best to jump when you have seen enough than to try and understand the entire ecosystem of a lake
enjoy the now and move on faith let source take you the rest of the way and you will see the beauty of life unfold before your eyes
just jump
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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That which is most desired by realitylove

And for this we say

for this moment we bring out that which is most desired
the bliss and love you feel when you are in contact with pure love vibrations is that which you seek
that which your soul desires
and often you pinpoint different things thinking this will lead you there
the fulfillment your heart truly desires is already available to you now
realize it is truly a matter of the state of mind you wish to be in
if you wished to be affluent
wealthy and rich
you can put yourself in that state of mind immediately and experience what that is like through your creative powers
you can
imagination is key to doing so
but that is not all
you are also able to feel any emotion any experience you choose
through your focus
through your attention through your putting action toward it
mental action initially
and then allowing the vibrations to come and fill you
being filled full with those vibrations that move you is fulfillment by definition
yes you want to be filled full with love
filled full with source with god with your true nature and highest self
you want to be filled with that which harmonizes with all around you
you want to be filled with the holy
the true
the spirit and essence of the living God that you are and that all is
you want to be filled with peace with trust
with all that will assist you in benefiting yourself as the whole
that is why you came
that is why you exist
that is the true nature of all life
and when this is done
you will transition to the next phase
but do not fear because your transition
will not appear until time
until the moment is right
we are pleased that you are reading this and we intend to assist you with your focus
your alignment with source is always best achieved in every moment through any practice that helps you let go of conditioned thinking let go of feelings of fear
and allows you to refocus your attention on that which moves your soul
whether through memory or creative measures
whether through opening your mind to receive vibrations that match that of love
and that of what your soul desires
whether through entering the silence and allowing the flow to dictate where your attention goes
whether by thinking of anything that moves you
this is the goal of your meditation
to align you with your true nature and to experience that which source most wants to experience through you
know that all is well
and know that you have the power to do this
at every moment is most beneficial
and now we say
continue on your path knowing that every moment is filled with exactly what should be there
and that you are doing exactly what you need be
and can determine what that is in any moment by getting still clear and tapping into the true vibration that sustains you
that forms you that created you and that fills you
inside you as you and through you
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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