Let go of the resistance by realitylove

listen now to that inner voice
go within and ask for answers to whatever is plaguing you
let go of the resistance
let go of the suffering
let go of the confusion
and go with in
you will find the answers
you will discover the power if you but seek
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Cycles Of Suffering by realitylove
January 31, 2010, 5:03 pm
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It is impossible
for you to lose contact with source
it is only possible for you to feel separation caused by incorrect thinking
and acceptance of that which is illusion
suffering and all forms of separation come from this
it is important for you to let go of this type of thinking
what you refer to as lack thinking
anything that limits yourself and who you truly are
anything that limits what god can do
what source is
is limited thinking
that is lack thinking
and that will keep you in cycles of suffering
until you are able to let go freely and surrender to source
until you are able to let go and allow source to bring about the best and highest will through your life
until you are able to practice what you know now and continue to earnestly look at your life
see where you are not aligned
and correct it
until you surrender your pride
surrender your illusions
you will suffer
are you ready to surrender
simply allow source to bring that which needs to be changed to your conscious mind
and take note of it
take action upon it
and if you are unclear
get aligned
through meditation through affirmation
through whatever it takes to feel love peace and trust
and then ask for guidance
you will receive that guidance in all sorts of ways
you can receive it direct yes
but if you are not ready for that
you will receive it
some other way
just be receptive yes
and source will guide your path
remain open to how answers come
and remain open to what you are willing to allow
for your soul knows and will recognize that which is best and highest
and you will feel it
when it comes
allow your self
your highest self
to guide you through
allow source and all that source has provided for you to guide you through
choose not the limited thinking that causes continued problems continued suffering
have nothing to do with it indeed
choose instead
limitless love
limitless abundance limitless joy limitless surrender
limitless trust
and know that source is doing exactly what need be done in the exact order and time frame it needs to happen
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Just As You Are by realitylove

Just as you are
come now and understand the mystery of your life
and this existence
it is simple if you allow source to bring to you all the answers you seek
don’t force your mind to try and determine all that is
simply allow source to bring to you the answers you seek
allow source to bring to you solutions
and seek source’s guidance from moment to moment yes
know that you can be directed in all your ways
know that source can give you that sort of direction and inspiration
you must let go of the limiting belief that you are unable to reach this level of understanding
of guidance
and alignment
you must embrace the ability and know that source will guide you step by step
trust and be patient
know that all is worked out in divine order
all comes to you and unfolds just as it should
expect the miracles and enjoy them
celebrate and be grateful for the richness of this life
for you are here to enjoy every breath every moment
you are here to commune with source and co-create
for you are the very nature of the divine
and you are more than just this body more than just this human form more than just the mind and thoughts you currently are aware of
so much more so much deeper so much grander than that you are indeed
for there is a part of you that is awakening day-to-day
and arising into your consciousness
you are becoming aware of the part of you that is most divine that is most sublime and that will break through the limiting beliefs and cleans your past
your present and future
cleans now so that you can be free from guilt free from disappointment free from erroneous thinking
and enter into the true meaning of living the true meaning of abundant life
of abundance
of all the good that is

that is why you are here once again
that is why you exist to be incredibly at peace and in love with all that is that is your existence
follow the bliss because bliss leads you to alignment with all that is
leads you to harmony and grace peace and love
bliss is simply an emotional and spiritual indicator that you are aligned with where you need be
do not be afraid or confused
do not tangle the limiting belief you have about bliss
the social conventions you are familiar with the true meaning of bliss for bliss is pure and good and wholesome
and righteous
And something to be enjoyed indeed every moment
which you can do
believe that you are an extension of source in all its splendor
you are the divine in human form
know that you have every right to shine and be set free from any limitations
know that you are the very nature of the almighty and that you can seek and find whatever it is your heart desires know that as an extension of source all things are for you
all things will bring about the balance your heart desires and all things are part of you
you are part of all that is
know this and understand that the balance can be enjoyed and your role is to allow source the inner connection
to guide you to fulfillment
to guide you to limitless love to guide you to doing exactly what you desire most
being of the best and highest benefit to all you can including yourself your awareness your consciousness of what is
you are expanding as you think of these things and you will continue
just allows source to do its good and know that all is well and always will be
yes that is all

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Love is Truth by realitylove

We are here to assist in every way
know that we will never lead you astray
you must simply align yourself with the best and highest at all times
by requesting that which is best for all concerned to be revealed to you
in a way your heart and mind can understand
that will assist you in entering the right consciousness for ascertaining what source is sending you
without any further ado
let us go into that deep still space
that place where we can understand the inner workings of life
and fulfill the longings and needs deep within our hearts
for there is a time and place for all things
and there is balance in this world
balance brought on by something greater bigger and deeper than you may be able to comprehend at this time but know that all things work together
indeed for the good of those who love
those who give themselves to alignment each day
those who understand the importance of practicing and striving for alignment moment to moment
know that all is well
know that all is good
know that you can be confident in your connection to source
because truly you are source
truly you are an extension of the almighty
truly you are the kings and queens of this world
truly you are given every good thing
and you can determine who what and where you want to be in this existence
apply what you have been given
the imagination
the desire
the resolve
the ability to change
the ability to seek help
the ability to grow
the ability to be present
the ability to receive answers
the ability to align yourself with the vibration of whatever you choose
and we highly recommend choosing alignment with source
alignment with love passion inspiration relief joy and all the things we’ve mentioned before
know that you will grow in ways unexpected
you will grow in ways desired
and you will grow constantly
ever-expanding in your understanding of love
for love is ever-expanding
love is deeper than you could ever imagine
layers upon layers of good
that will consume and cleanse your soul in ways that penetrate any resistance
allow this love to overflow and be cleansed by it
be restored and elevated by it
for love will set you free
love is truth
love is god
love is all that is needed to be fulfilled
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Whatever you seek, you can find by realitylove

Whatever you seek, you can find
simply stay aligned with that intent
stay clear on what and why you wish to have that desire
and understand whether it is best and highest by asking source
to clarify
you can have what you want be who you want to be
and do what you want to do
once you are aligned with the best and highest of who you are and the best and highest for all concerned
it is all the same
when you are truly focused on the desires of your heart
and you are clear on the intentions
and those intentions resonate with what source has in store for your life
you are aligned with the purpose you are on earth for
that purpose is one of of love through full expression
through freedom
and through miracles
do not over think it
just know it to be true
by practice
by experience
thinking alone can only describe and give you ideas
experience through embodiment
gives you true knowing
and true realization of that which you have thought about
know that your life is about realization
realization of self
realization of love
of freedom
joy and every good thing
it is all here now indeed
letting go is something you must continue to practice
and understand through experience as well
each layer of the resistance that is pealed back
is another step in the right direction of fully being who you are meant to be
let go of all resistance all fears all feelings of inadequacy
lack and limits
let go of it all and know that source can do all forms of miracles
you desire
and all you need do is align
all you need do is ask and seek ways to align with source
seek ways to fully go and be that which source has called you into existence to be
know that all is well at all times
and there is never any reason to fear
even when you are unaligned
source has everything in balance and everything will work for the benefit of creation
no matter what
for not only is it true that source cannot fail,
but source will not fail to do what is best and highest for your life
be receptive and open to whatever that is
and be cognoscente of your own desires
your own intentions
your own direction at all times
so you may see the miracles unfold clearly
be not attached to any specific way your desires are met
for source will meet them in a way that is best for all
and in ways that are beyond your comprehension
and at times in ways you might expect
but always in ways
that fulfill and exceed that which you were hoping
stay obedient to spirit
obedient to direction you receive
and when uncertain
seek source
seek answers from source
listen for them and know that source always delivers
in the best time for all concerned
always in the order that is best for your development as well as all of creation
do not get impatient and think source is not doing what you desire
for source is always bringing about that which is best and highest for all
you must simply align your consciousness
with this truth in whatever way works best

allow that which is love to fill you and you will never go thirsty
you will never go hungry
and you will never be without joy
allow that love to fill you
and you will be fulfilled in every way
allow now

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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If there is Doubt, Seek Clarity Within by realitylove

If there is doubt
that is the time to seek clarity within

if there is concern
that is the time to seek answers within
if there is resistance
that is the time to seek answers within
if there is discomfort
that is the time to seek answers within
whenever there is lack or uncertainty
that is the time to seek answers within
your alignment dispels confusion
your alignment eliminates fears, worry or concern
your alignment remedies all ailments that plague your consciousness
and renews your perspective to that of source
once your consciousness is aligned with that of source
all forms of miracles are possible probable and practical
allow yourself to be consumed with source from moment to moment
and fear not
focus on thoughts and feelings of love and allow your self to be guided by source to exactly what needs to be done
let your light shine near your heart by focusing on the thoughts and feelings of love
and let it radiate throughout your body
we tell you this and will continue so that you might focus on on it and do it
knowing it and practicing it are essential
but you must embody it so that in every moment you can feel that alignment
you can feel that love and passion
you can emanate that light
practice and it will be so
– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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