The divine that you are by realitylove

and you continue in this moment
this crystallized instance of being yes this second
you realize that you are here for the divine purpose of shining a light
that light within
that light that you are an extension of
never separated from the divine goodness and flow
universal in every way
the good of creation
the life force that animates all living and all being
this is your nature who you are and what you have come to be
and through your surrender through your yielding to and seeking out the direction of spirit
through that process in whatever form it takes for you
whatever form that works
this is why you are here to bring enjoyment and expansion to source and to know consciously that this is what is happening in every moment
you are awakening and experiencing the divine purpose
the divine life
the divine will
the divine that you are
you are learning of yourself now
and this will continue
as you apply what you learn
the lessons the love the light will expand
and you will reach the very purpose you have come for
be not dismayed by anything you come across
hold to the truth
that you are the divine
that you are fully holy in every way
and that you have the power to realize your true divinity by letting go of all to the contrary
realize it now
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Step into Receipt of Your Birthright by realitylove

Never before has there been a time for humanity to undergo faster and higher ascension
faster and higher refinement
greater awareness of that which is
than now
never has there been a more opportune time than now
for this is the time of great awakening a time of great realization a time of great importance
to the whole and this is the time for you to step into reality as it truly is
step into receipt of your birthright
and let go of the conditioned lunacy
the insanity of those who would consider suffering the norm
those who would think that suffering is the birthright of mankind
this is the time
now in this moment
for you to open your eyes
open your heart
open your mind
and receive truth
receive life
that which is within you
do not deny the omnipotence omnipresence and omniscience of the creator
allow all to unfold within you as it is ready to do by surrendering your conscious patterns
surrendering your habitual thinking
to stillness
to receipt of refined vibrations
those of love
of the highest order
those of gratitude joy peace relief surrender
those of which source is known universally
allow them to transpire in you now
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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You are where you need to be in this moment by realitylove

Where you are now
is exactly where you are to be
that is how life works
you are where you need to be in this moment
become aware of all that is by stopping taking moments to direct your consciousness inward
and by inward we mean to take notice of what you are feeling inside
strengthen your awareness of what is going on in you body and how you feel
we become so desensitized to who and what we are when we are constantly focused on the external
constantly focused on the future and obtaining the next thing

stop and feel what you are
feel what you already have
feel what you already experience
and give thanks
be grateful for all that you are because
you have reached this point for the best and highest of all that is
especially for your awareness sake
for your awakening sake
let go of resistance to any and all things
know that whenever the feeling arises that you feel you need to fight what is
let it go
some may wonder just how far to take this
take it to the extreme
know that you may trust source
and that all is well
know that love is like water
and you may be this way and be the stronger for it
for strength as you have learned it in many traditions that teach of brute force and defiance
is not strength at all if it is not aligned with love
love is truly what your essence is
what you are
limitless indeed
you have not even touched the surface of this ever-expanding part of who you really are
you will grow in your understanding in your fulfillment in your living this love
and it will be the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced
this love that you are
is the most precious of all
nothing can compare to it
know that you are this and so much more
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Just As You Are by realitylove

Just as you are
come now and understand the mystery of your life
and this existence
it is simple if you allow source to bring to you all the answers you seek
don’t force your mind to try and determine all that is
simply allow source to bring to you the answers you seek
allow source to bring to you solutions
and seek source’s guidance from moment to moment yes
know that you can be directed in all your ways
know that source can give you that sort of direction and inspiration
you must let go of the limiting belief that you are unable to reach this level of understanding
of guidance
and alignment
you must embrace the ability and know that source will guide you step by step
trust and be patient
know that all is worked out in divine order
all comes to you and unfolds just as it should
expect the miracles and enjoy them
celebrate and be grateful for the richness of this life
for you are here to enjoy every breath every moment
you are here to commune with source and co-create
for you are the very nature of the divine
and you are more than just this body more than just this human form more than just the mind and thoughts you currently are aware of
so much more so much deeper so much grander than that you are indeed
for there is a part of you that is awakening day-to-day
and arising into your consciousness
you are becoming aware of the part of you that is most divine that is most sublime and that will break through the limiting beliefs and cleans your past
your present and future
cleans now so that you can be free from guilt free from disappointment free from erroneous thinking
and enter into the true meaning of living the true meaning of abundant life
of abundance
of all the good that is

that is why you are here once again
that is why you exist to be incredibly at peace and in love with all that is that is your existence
follow the bliss because bliss leads you to alignment with all that is
leads you to harmony and grace peace and love
bliss is simply an emotional and spiritual indicator that you are aligned with where you need be
do not be afraid or confused
do not tangle the limiting belief you have about bliss
the social conventions you are familiar with the true meaning of bliss for bliss is pure and good and wholesome
and righteous
And something to be enjoyed indeed every moment
which you can do
believe that you are an extension of source in all its splendor
you are the divine in human form
know that you have every right to shine and be set free from any limitations
know that you are the very nature of the almighty and that you can seek and find whatever it is your heart desires know that as an extension of source all things are for you
all things will bring about the balance your heart desires and all things are part of you
you are part of all that is
know this and understand that the balance can be enjoyed and your role is to allow source the inner connection
to guide you to fulfillment
to guide you to limitless love to guide you to doing exactly what you desire most
being of the best and highest benefit to all you can including yourself your awareness your consciousness of what is
you are expanding as you think of these things and you will continue
just allows source to do its good and know that all is well and always will be
yes that is all

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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