The same powerlessness that the norm brings by realitylove

oh that you would see in this moment
feel and experience the glory of your soul
the glory of what you  truly are
all it requires is letting go of that which separates you from your true essence
for you are able to chose letting go by not only intention
but through releasing
finding those vibrations those internal states
that match relief
that match release
they are here for you at any time
you must simply seek
step into the glory of your birthright
the power of your truth is here now
for the taking
relish this moment of pregnant power of potent magic
this moment is here for you to do as you please
And should you choose sleep walking
should you choose powerlessness
should you choose the conditioned thinking
that is the norm
then you will experience the same blindness
the same powerlessness
that the norm brings
however, should you choose
allowing the fullness of this moment
should you choose to create internal states of bliss wonder awe
grace peace love joy forgiveness
you will experience the divine essence of your actual being
the reality of your existence
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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