Not the lie of sinful nature by realitylove

let there be no more doubt
no more confusion
the nature of what you are of who you are
has been so tampered with
so confused with explanations and complicated analogies
let it all go and simply be
be that which is natural that which is not dictated by worry or concern
that which is inside and feels liberating
feels free
feels relieving feels right feels good
that which is your true nature
not the lie of sinful nature
or the lie of limitation for which you have been made to be a natural sinner, naturally corrupt
source does not create such things
know that you are good naturally
that all creation is good naturally
and that the only thing that is not good
is the perception to call that which source has brought about bad
realize that your perception of unwanted, negative things
is partly due to your collective experiences in your society home in your life
in all things you have gone through in this lifetime
and others
and in what has been experienced by all mankind
the thoughts ideas fears and concerns you have allowed to go unquestioned and received as truth in your own mind
through your own consciousness
have been the points of resistance and the areas in your life you must now let go
recognize this has made up your own understanding
and this is the way to suffering
let it go and surrender to the almighty all-powerful all-knowing source within you
be available now and allow the truth to come to you
any time you are concerned worried or confused
simply let go of your understanding
and be with source
allow source to inspire you with answers yes
and so it is

– Morning Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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Your Willingness to Let Go by realitylove

Your alignment and your reliance on source
is always
conditioned by your willingness to let go of attachment let go of judgment
and let go of limitations
source wants to experience vastness and expansion through you
and your judgments your attachments and your limitations prevent that
this is resistance
resistance to the truth of what is
the truth of what is ever-expanding goodness
yes you have heard things are what they are
and there is no right or wrong
no good or bad
however there is good in everything
if you choose to see it
there is good for good is love
good is God
bad is an illusion
good is not
so understand from the perspective of contrast and the perspective
of polar opposites
good and bad are relative and illusory
however from the perspective of source
all is good
and that is where you want be
that is what you need to align with
seeing the good in all
this is important for your continued growth in a way that brings you to the best and highest for all concerned faster
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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