The Most Important Goal Is That of Being by realitylove

Momentum is important for anything you do
staying close to the best and highest vibrations in your thoughts your actions your interactions
all of this is important if you wish to effortlessly remain aligned
it is the decisions you make
the choices you make that assist you in each moment in aligning with source
with your true nature
it is the contrast of these experiences
based on your choices
that brings you greater clarity in what your soul wishes to experience
it is an ever expanding ever changing or evolving process
this moment and the next moment are one
however your being-ness your desires and all that is expands continuously
in ways you may or may not be aware of
many of the ways you will continue to become aware of yes
know that all is well and always is
that no matter what your experience
you will learn what you need to whether slowly or quickly
there is no right or wrong way to do so either
one journey may be faster in learning lessons
but miss out on other experiences that another’s soul desires
that is OK
your journey is your journey and the journey of others is theirs
you are here to experience all that is in your unique way
be forgiving
ever accepting and ever loving of yourself your journey
and the rate at which you choose to learn from your experiences
the most important goal is that of being
learning how to be in a way that is most fulfilling
and that way is always what is best and highest for all that is
that way is always limitless love
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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