Must we focus on that which we want at all times to receive it? by realitylove

Must we focus on that which we want at all times to receive it
Must we focus on that which we want once and then let it go and it will come
Know that the only thing that dictates whether or not you receive that which you desire is if it is in the best and highest for all concerned
your clarity and your ability to believe can expedite the process
it is not a matter of how many times you ask
how much you believe and how clear you are alone
for if what you desire is not in the best and highest benefit of all concerned
it will not happen
understand that the process of manifestation is multifaceted and there are just as many paths to manifesting what you desire as there are paths to alignment with source
this is true
and understand that your attention to allowing source to guide you from moment to moment
your attention to alignment assists in your ensuring you receive every good thing you should
without resistance to what transpires
resistance to what is
in each moment
yes this is the path to enlightenment to bliss
to what you desire most
your fulfillment is based on how well you align with source
with who you really are
for your filling up with and expanding with who you are
you are being fully you
filled with you
filled with source
the authentic original you
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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