Do not think you are here for just one role by realitylove
where you are now is a direct result of all you have thought all you have felt
where you are going is a direct result of what you are thinking feeling saying and doing
and where you will be is always a direct result of what is going on within you
know that you have been given the power to do all that you set your mind and internal state to
as long as it is the best and highest for all concerned
and the opportunities for your fulfillment are limitless
do not think you are here for just one role
or one specific destiny
you are here to blossom
to flourish and to develop as fully as you can
your alignment in each moment will assist you in knowing exactly what need be done what action to take
what feelings to choose
attune now to love
to joy
abundance peace harmony
attune to all that is good
and your external will match
for this is what is
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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