This is the path to fulfillment by realitylove

what would you need to be fulfilled in this moment
what would you truly need
now ask yourself is this indeed the case
whatever comes to mind
the reality is the only thing you need to be fulfilled is what you already are
you have this power right now
stop for a moment and simply breath
allow the breath to come into your nose and out and simply be mindful of the breath
allow whatever thoughts to flow
stop now and do this
this is the path to fulfillment
truly being
and if you are able to allow whatever thoughts  to transpire without judging yourself
without feeling a negative charge of emotion in reaction to your thoughts
if you are able to simply allow your mind to let thoughts pass
and refocus on your breathing
you are being, you are truly being and experiencing life
this is of course only one way to be
a simple practice that allows you to reach an aligned state through allowing
you can proceed from here
to enter states of love
joy gratitude
and whatever vibration you choose
that is inline with the best and highest tones for all concerned
practice this
and when you are able to align moment to moment
you will reap the fulfillment
that is already available for you now
and so it is

– Stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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That Which Animates You Sustains You Is you by realitylove

Now remember who you are
what you are here for
why you live
why you breathe my breath
why you think with my mind
my body my life
my essence
that which animates you sustains you is you
is me
for I am source I am life I am love I am every good thing
and all things
for I am all that is in all through all as all
and you should know anything that separates you from me is illusion
therefore anything that separates you from all that is is illusion
understand that you are here to bring forth the magnificence of life through your own enjoyment
through all that is here for you to experience to understand to expand upon and to be
yes this is your birthright
your life your existence in alignment with the great I AM
this is your calling this is why you exist
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer
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Follow the heart’s desires by realitylove

Follow the heart’s desires
follow that which you are most passionate about to find why you are really here
to find that fulfillment you truly seek
do not be distracted by the false concerns and solutions around you
know that your heart will guide you to true fulfillment if you would take the time to get clear on what you really want
each day each moment each breath will assist you in expanding that awareness needed to really see clearly
that alignment needed to truly experience life detached from false illusions
the ability to expand and create without concern or worry
to experience without attachment
to love without conditions
that power is one that is within you now
you must let go of all that crowds
that clouds your judgment
that fills your consciousness
with foolishness
let it go and know that the power within you is the same power that created all that is
you are in the image of that power
as an extension
not as a lesser creation
you are magnificent
in every way
you are divine in your essence
you must tap into that power through letting go of all the false conditioning
it is important to understand that you have the power to do this
practice will help you recognize this power fully
and help you tap in and let go
that is why you are called to practice
that is why you are called to seek and find those practices that work for you
to learn to align by tapping into that power within
and letting go of limitations restrictions and concerns
you can be the light that goes out and does exactly what you desire
that inspires with every moment
every breath every desire
others to do similarly
know that there is nothing in your life that isn’t there for the benefit of all concerned
everything you are now involved in is for the best and highest of all
and to teach you the lessons so needed
to teach you to acknowledge source and lean on source for guidance
to go within and let the true wisdom of source unfold from deep within you
yes you have this ability this power
this miraculous wonderful connection
and you can use it now
and so it is

– Morning stream of consciousness writing from John Stringer

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